Inspiration: Book on Tape (you have to see the video)

This is very clever…

Book On Tape by Woody Leslie

But what is even more clever is how it’s used!!!…

Woody Leslie/One Page Productions

performs a “Book on Tape” entitled “At Nilanjana’s”

LIVE at Don’t Say Shit in Front of the B-A-B-Y


One comment

  1. This reminds me of the idea of remix. It seems like there is a lot of remix going on lately. Like here for instance
    I like thinking about this idea. I like thinking about how in very simplistic terms, everything can be a remix in a way. Like a book made from cassette tapes. A selection of poems being read along with a recording of poems. Poems based on relationships and recipes. Played from cassettes that are also the book. A remix within a remix within a remix. Again this is a very simple and likely inaccurate way to describe what is happening here. That is what it makes me think.

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