About ASC



A Simple Collective is a passionate contemporary arts organization made up of both artists and arts professionals dedicated to supporting community, access, and independence in the arts while promoting the San Francisco Bay Area as a hub of unique and innovative art activity in the international art scene. Interested in content-driven work, ASC promotes and supports artists pushing boundaries of scope, scale, medium, venue, and dialogue, and provides services and programming to facilitate conversation, professional enrichment, art entrepreneurship, and collaborative projects.

Who we are…

A Simple Collective was founded by curator and project-based artist Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen. The collective is made up of artists, curators, writers, and art supporters. The work we do is as diverse as our individual members, but we are all connected through contemporary, content-driven art. To complete our network of creative and professional resources, we also work with Affiliated and Recommended Professionals, all knowledgeable and trusted in their fields.

What we do…

Similar to the “design collective” model, ASC is made up of individual practitioners who work in various combinations to produce some outcome: to create, to educate, to commune, to enrich. Our network collaborates to support each other’s projects, businesses, communities, and ideas through shared skills and resources. We are a vehicle to create access and opportunities for the art community.

The art we promote…

  • Under-recognized and under-exhibited mediums and artists
  • Artists pushing boundaries of scope, scale, medium, and venue
  • Artists creating content-driven art, strong or surprising imagery, and social or political subject matter
  • Project-based works emphasizing research, artworks that manifest across multiple platforms, and projects that are ephemeral or unsellable
  • Projects affording alternative means of distribution through creative publishing and subversive art
  • Projects that reflect, interact with, or create community

The programs we support…

  • Fostering innovative art-based businesses and project spaces
  • Career building for emerging and mid-career artists and emerging and mid-career arts professionals
  • Cultivating collecting and patronage at all income levels
  • Encouraging open discussion through salons, roundtables, and talks
  • Community building through the arts, including coordinating art walks, public events, and group marketing

Where we are…

Because A Simple Collective is made up of individual businesses and practitioners, there is no one place we can be found. We are everywhere. But our hub of activity and main meeting place is Black & White Projects, located in the Pacific Felt Factory Arts Complex in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Why we’re different…

We mix ingenuity and a hint of subversion with sharp business-savvy and real-world experience to forge a new business model aiming to show creativity and equality can be commercially viable in our new economy.

Our unique combination of artists and arts professionals of varied personal and practical backgrounds reflects our drive to even out art world echelons. We strive to fill in gaps left by established sectors. We encourage collecting and patronage at all income levels. We champion artists and works that are often overlooked by commercial galleries and institutions.


Ok, all this is great, you support our goals and ideals, but now what? How do you get involved? It’s easy.

  • Sign up for our emails: There’s a link in the top right corner of the site, or click here.
  • Join our events: Check the calendar for receptions, events, and meetings.
  • Work on a project: Tell us your skills and interests or a project you’d like to pitch.
  • Ask for advice: Ok, we can’t help you find a date or tell you what that rash is… but if you have a project, a question about your career, or want to be more involved in the art community, send us a note and we’ll follow up.

Or just come to one of our events and chat us up. We’re very nice people… most of the time. Free wine, anyone!?