Small Project: Confetti System

I’m a little obsessed with Confetti System right now. These folks take party decorations to a whole new level!

I want to do a project like this. It seems like it would not take a lot of money in materials, either. Now I need a color scheme or inspiration for the project, like the Rocks and Minerals book they show here. Also, how big and what format? Suggestions?

A project by Confetti System. Click to enlarge.


A project by Confetti System. Click to enlarge.


Project by Confetti System.


Project by Confetti System.




  1. Could you do a project like this in the lobby area of your studio? Do you have a location in mind? Location could determine the size.

    • That got rented out. I was so bummed! I told Julie that I would program the space if she ever decides to make it a gallery again. I love the idea of doing that in that space!

      I don’t have a location in mind yet. I’m thinking maybe I should start small to see how much work it is. Shadowbox, maybe? or a flat wall-mounted piece?

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