Nigger / Queer / Cunt (N/Q/C): an exhibition about difficult words

On view at ASC Projects October 24 – November 21, 2014
Reception and Performance Friday, November 14, 7-9pm

Works by Craig Calderwood, Rodney Ewing, Geri Montano, Anthony Julius Williams, Jason Wyman, and others

Nigger, Queer, Cunt… These three words have a complex history where usage, meaning, and acceptance have morphed over time. Each word has been a threat and a term of endearment, has polarized the community it references, and has been claimed or reclaimed with varying degrees of success. Each can be used by some with ease and by others with visceral discomfort.

Nigger / Queer / Cunt (N/Q/C) is a group exhibition exploring and unpacking the usage, history, and weight of these words. How they are explored is opened to interpretation and discussion by each of the artists as they’ve been commissioned to create work for the show with pen, brush, body, and word, and an accompanying publication offers further contemplation by the artists and curator.

Join us for an artist reception and a special performance by Anthony Julius Williams on Friday, November 14, 7-9pm.


N/Q/C is a continuation of Issued ID, an ongoing series of exhibitions, writing, conversations, and events unpacking the impositions of identity.

“Issued ID” references the government-issued identification cards that define an individual by seemingly simple surface traits—age, race, gender, height—but is also a play on words, reflecting the many “issues” brought up by being forced to define a person in glib terms and the complexities of an identity that does not fall into a single check-box.

The project was launched in 2013 with the eponymous exhibition at ASC Projects. Curated and collected by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, Issued ID offers a common thread of dialogue about the struggle for definition when you’re not easily defined.

For more information on N/Q/C and artists, visit or contact Rhiannon MacFadyen at (415) 786-1351 or

ASC Projects is located at 3150 18th Street #104 (Entrance Treat Avenue) in San Francisco’s Mission District /// Open Tuesdays and Thursdays noon-5pm, and by appointment.







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