Tim Roseborough: Contenda at ASC Projects

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Tim Roseborough: Contenda
November 2 – 30, 2013
Reception and Quiz Event Saturday, November 16, 3-4:30pm
ASC Projects, #104 on Treat at 18th Street, San Francisco

A Simple Collective is pleased to present Contenda, a solo exhibition and “quiz show” by Tim Rosborough on view November 2nd through 30th, 2013. An artist reception and quiz event will be held Saturday, November 16th, starting at 3pm, and several filmings and events will be held throughout the exhibition.

Contenda is an experimental contest based on the “quiz bowl” format prominent in schools and universities across the globe. Contestants compete to correctly answer questions about artists, artworks, and visual culture, and awards— courtesy of the Contenda Fund—offer prizes and scholarships to excelling participants. “One way to confront the overwhelming history of our visual culture is to, literally, ‘trivialize’ it and integrate this wealth of information into a knowledge-based game. Playing Contenda will encourage art acolytes and the public to explore and educate themselves about art history and visual culture, ” says Mr. Roseborough. Spurred by growing issues of artists with school debt, Condenda began during Roseborough’s residency at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan this past summer and beta tested at ZERO1 in San Jose this August.

For his solo exhibition at ASC Projects, Roseborogh presents a series of his unique images created for Contenda and A Puzzling Display—the project that inspired Contenda—housed within a game show set installation. At the artist reception hosted on November 16th, he will launch the project to the public with the first official quiz event, starring special guest contestants from the Bay Area art scene matching their wits and art-world knowledge to win prizes and support arts education. Audience participation is strongly encouraged by cheering on favorite players as the first ever webisode is filmed and Contenda is launch to the world!

Roseborough’s clever quiz images are tongue-in-cheek nods to the artists and genres they represent, and the greater project offers a vehicle for artists to support their continued education while offering an entertaining way to build community and beef up Art World knowledge.

Tim Roseborough’s work and performances have been included in exhibitions at SFMOMA, the 2010 and 2012 ZERO1 New Media Biennials, The Yerba Buena Night Art Festival, and Catharine Clark Gallery. He holds an M.S., Interactive Media from Boston University College of Communication and a B.A., English and Communication from Tulane University, and his work has attracted critical attention from ARTNews, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the International Review of African American Art, among others. Roseborough lives and works in San Francisco and is represented by ASC Projects.


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