Statements: Tim Roseborough’s Singing Garden

Tim Roseborough, Still from Singing Garden, 2010

Tim Roseborough, Still from Singing Garden, 2010, 3D Animation, custom software, microphone

Inspired by 19th Century botanical illustration, Singing Garden features a virtual, moonlit water garden in which the plants flourish to the tones of the singing voice.

Singing Garden is a response to the critical eye I cast on video game violence in an earlier project. I am seeking to expand the notion of what video games are and can be. In the piece, I harness the tonality and versatility of the human voice to nurture and sustain, rather than expend and destroy.

— Tim Roseborough

View and interact with Tim Roseborough’s Singing Garden at A Simple Collective’s Launch Exhibition, on view at the project space March 16 – May 18, 2013.


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