Tim Roseborough: Hello From Kala

Explore Hello From Kala, a new interactive gifting project by Tim Roseborough

Still from Hello from Kala

Still from Hello from Kala

Over the past few years, Tim Roseborough has created what he calls “Gifting Projects”: series of small art works that are sent to friends and colleagues which also include an online component to accompany the distributed physical objects. The “gifts” are subject to fates of which the Artist neither knows nor can control. For this reason, the online documentation is the final lasting record of these pieces.

Roseborough utilized this strategy in the creation of “Hello From Kala” a gifting project created during his residency at the Kala Institute in Berkeley, California.

“To create ‘Hello From Kala,’ I used not just the tools of art production to make the work (pen, paper, plexiglas stencils), but I utilized the actual space of production as an integral component of the art work, which is spread over numerous media including video, archival inkjet prints and a Web URL,” says Roseborough.

“Hello From Kala” can be found at http://www.hellofromkala.info


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