In[Site]: 10 Tips for Art Job Hunters

Finding a job is hard enough. If you’re trying to find a professional art job, it’s like being lost in the woods. Most industries have an abundance of head-hunters, job listing sites, and trade organizations giving a by-rote path to employment. But the recurring side effect of chaos and secrecy in the Art World makes it hard to know where to start. Survival of the fittest is survival of who-the-hell-knows.

Seeing a clear gap in job-placement resources for arts professionals when trying to find work for herself, Sophie Macpherson launched fine art recruitment firm Sophie Macpherson Ltd. in 2002. A company that is now the leading art recruitment agency, and includes headhunting and consulting for galleries, museums, auction houses, public institutions, collectors, and investors on an international scale.

In a recent article on ARTINFO, Macpherson shared some advice for finding a job in the art jungle.

"10 No-Nonsense Tips for Landing a Career in the Art World" -

“10 No-Nonsense Tips for Landing a Career in the Art World” –

10 No-Nonsense Tips for Landing a Career in the Art World

by Coline Milliard, ARTINFO UK

Published: November 27, 2012


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