• 10153294_374293262709085_591424945_nASC hosts several events monthly, including receptions, workshops, performances, and meet-and-greets. Keep updated by signing up for our email list and liking our page on Facebook.
  • There’s also a calendar below.


  • Sponsorships: With all our public events and exhibitions, there’s lots of great opportunity to partner with us, like supplying refreshments, printing services, etc… contact us if you have a product or service you’d like to promote.
  • ASC’s Wish List: Color laser printer, toner, pedestals, computer speakers, flat screen TVs (2), Mac Mini (3), tablets, projectors, painting supplies… contact us if there’s something you’d like us to take off your hands.
  • Cash: Consider pledging $5 a month, which’ll make a big impact toward continuing our public programing… or donate more! We’ll take it!

/// JOIN

  • A Simple Collective welcomes folks who are passionate and dedicated to arts and collaboration. If you’re interested on joining, come down and have a chat! Contact us to schedule an appointment, or stop by one of our events.
  • …or volunteer with us. We’d love to have ya.


 ASC Event Calendar



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