Advocacy Continues!

Continuing ASC’s commitment to fostering collaboration and supporting the arts community, our advocacy project, started back in early 2014 with 14 Black Poppies, is crystallizing! … read on.


Announcing a collaborative advocacy taskforce!

2015 is our year of action!!

Screenshot from 2015-01-16 12:29:12Early last year, along with Jason Wyman of 14 Black Poppies, ASC launched a survey* and series of workshops to gather vital information around the state of the industry. What was gathered and discussed was synthesized with existing data and turned into a narrative to be brought to city policy makers to affect change on a government level.

That process, along with what we were hearing at political forums and industry talks, has proven a need to create a single, integrated voice for the arts in San Francisco that can advocate for the industry.

Our primary focus will be to facilitate three things annually:
1 – A “State of the Arts” Census*
2 – An art-sector budget proposal for the Board of Supervisors
3 – Candidate endorsements for local elections

In addition, we hope to:
– Connect SF advocacy groups with other Bay Area PACs
– Discuss and promote best practices within the industry
– Collaborate with other sector leaders on city planning and policy

Our goal is to bring the voices of all areas of the sector (non-profit and for-profit, practitioners and producers, etc.) together to work toward shared strategies and goals.

We have the research, some solid plans, and some great help, but to really do this right, we’d like to get some key folks (that’s you) around a table to kick this off!

So please stay tuned as we launch open meetings in the next month!
For more information on our plans and the history of this project, visit our site:
14 Black Poppies      A Simple Collective

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