Things Fall Apart: Group Show at Visual Aid Gallery

Things Fall Apart, a group exhibition at Visual Aid Gallery curated by A Simple Collective’s Rhiannon MacFadyen and including works by members Lauren A Toomer and Helen Bayly, among others…


Things Fall Apart
Group Show at Visual Aid Gallery

Exhibition opens June 6, 2013
Reception Saturday, June 8, 3–5pm / Walk-through with the curator and artists at 3pm
Visual Aid Gallery, 57 Post Street, Suite 905, San Francisco

CIA - Video Still

CIA – Video Still

Visual Aid presents Things Fall Apart, a group exhibition featuring young female artists from Visual Aid and the greater community, exploring decay in all its forms through their unique perspectives. Works by CIA, Helen Bayly, Lauren Kelley, Gwen Mercado-Reyes, Susan O’Malley, Veronica Rojas, and Lauren A Toomer. Curated by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen.

Decay, decomposition, illness, loss, failure… You may not know this, but women have a particular sense of worry and pending doom—from fears of rape and battery and centuries of institutionalized oppression, to the pain and mess of menstruation and childbirth, to the loss of “beauty” as we age. Things Fall Apart gathers a selection of artists, who are women, to explore the ways women tackle decay in their artworks—either overtly or through subtext—as they look to their future, experience it prematurely, or recognize it in our every day. A variety of media is presented as each artist applies humor and sensitivity, sincerity and irony, aversion and acceptance to this entropic world we live in.

The exhibition begins June 6, 2013. A reception will be hosted on Saturday, June 8, 3–5pm, including a walk-through with the curator and artists at 3pm. For more information, visit

The reception also coincides with the Yerba Buena Gallery Walk, where you can view exhibitions and participate in events at a dozen galleries in downtown San Francisco. Details and a map and schedule can be found at

Visual Aid encourages artists with life-threatening illnesses to continue their creative work and presents exhibitions of contemporary art at Visual Aid Gallery and community venues.


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