Ryan Phelan

Information Technology (IT)

Born and raised in the South Bay, Ryan Phelan has been interested in everything (especially art and science) since he was a kid and began sharpening his IT skills on his family’s first home computer, an Atari 800 XL. He started college as a music major—studying composition, performance, and electronic music—before switching to science and earning a BA in physics at San Francisco State University. Since then, Ryan has provided IT support services and training to individuals, galleries, and enterprises including Genentech and UCSF.

An enthusiastic proponent of the free distribution of knowledge and access to tools, Ryan has extensive knowledge of free and open source alternatives to proprietary operating systems and software for doing creative work. Check out his article on building a dirt-cheap computer system (here) or have him do it for you.  [ryanasimplecollective.com]


  • IT Support for artists and individuals
  • Computer System Solutions
  • Open-Source Software Training

For further information and pricing, contact us or email Ryan at ryanasimplecollective.com.