Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen

Arts Marketing, Professional Practices, and Community Involvement

Rhiannon has over 15 years of in-depth experience in the arts with a wide skill-set that ranges from marketing and management to installation and sales. She is passionate about accessibility in the arts and offers helpful and flexible services to artists, small institutions, and budding collectors… [full bio]. For more, visit artsandindustry.tumblr.com.

Below is a partial list of services. But it’s perfectly reasonable that you might not know what you need, you just know that you need some guidance. No problem! Get a free half-hour consult to see how Rhiannon and the collective can help. [ascasimplecollective.com]

Institutional Services

  • Marketing and PR Consulting or Training
  • Streamlined Systems Creation
  • Art Events and Project Management
  • Exhibitions

Artist Services

  • Marketing and PR Consulting or Training
  • Professional Practices Training and Workshops
  • Project Support
  • Career Advising

Community Involvement

  • Art Collecting Advice and The Collecting Club
  • Community Organizing
  • Office of Arts & Community

…and more.

For further information and pricing, contact Rhiannon at rhiannonoacsf.com.