Helen Bayly

Visual Artist Helen Bayly

Portrait of the artist in her studio, 2012

Born in Santa Cruz, California, Helen Bayly lives and works in San Francisco, where she came to study painting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Her work explores contemporary topics involving youth culture, hedonism, and feminine sexuality through stylized mythological and religious imagery, primarily painted with monochromatic ink on large-scale paper. A sign artist, muralist, and gallery artist, she is also training as an art teacher, aiding students of all ages to connect with their passion for making art. In addition to two solo exhibition at LoPo Gallery, her work has been included in exhibitions at 111 Minna, Gallery Heist, The Medicine Agency, Modern Eden Gallery, Space Gallery, Spoke Art Gallery, White Walls, Claude 5 Lane, SOMArts, California Academy of Sciences, the juried Yerba Buena Night 2012 art festival, and this year’s Aqua Art Miami. As founding artist member of A Simple Collective, Bayly will participate in the first residency and exhibition in early 2013. [thehelentree.blogspot.com]

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